How we measure our impact: We believe data should be used to guide how programs are designed and implemented. We leverage both quantitative and qualitative information in order to promote evidence-based decision-making.

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Trained 665 community activists who are now champions against FGM in their communities in 2022 & 2023

Over the past two years, through our Dear Daughter Campaign and since June 2023 using SASA! Together, we have trained 665 individual community activists on both the harms caused by FGM (i.e. psychological, physical, health) and the power imbalance that allows this gender based violence to continue. These individuals are chosen from religious & community leaders, youth activists, journalists and health care providers, as they have influence in their communities. Following our training, they go back into their communities and share their learning with community members, guiding them to decided to not cut their daughters and supporting them in sustaining that decision. 

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82,106 pledges to protect Somali girls from FGM!

Since its launch in September 2021, the Dear Daughter Campaign has amassed some 82,106 pledges to end FGM in Somalia. These pledges add to an increasing number of politicians, religious and community leaders, health care providers and community members demanding zero tolerance to FGM. 

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Over 13 million people reached with FGM messaging across media, including Somali diaspora who have influence on FGM

Throughout 2022 & 2023, we have amplified all our work through national, regional and local media, ranging from television to press, radio and social media. We have received millions of people, both in Somalia and the Somali diaspora, with our message on the need to end the practice of FGM. 

Religious Leaders speaking out against FGM: 9 mediatised gathering since 2021

There are several research pieces undertaken in Somalia, both by Ifrah Foundation and others, providing evidence that the belief that FGM is required by Islam drives the continuation of the practice. Over the past numbers of years, we have witnessed the powerful impact of religious leaders speaking out, saying that FGM is in fact anti-Islam since harms the child. We've gather groups of religious leaders 9 times since 2021, either in a live television debate or in a conference style setting which is then shared widely on media. 

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Measuring Community Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices on FGM