Each donation supports our work towards the eradication of FGM/C in Somalia. Ifrah Foundation is the only dedicated organisation addressing FGM in Somalia. Our work has changed how FGM is discussed in pubic and in the media, breaking taboos on speaking out about this issue.

Each donation received by Ifrah Foundation contributes directly to our work across our three pillars of action: Awareness-raising; Advocacy & Community Empowerment. 

€25 covers the cost of airing one piece of short radio content on ending FGM. Radio is an influential communication tool in Somalia and has proved an extremely effective education tool on the harmful impact of FGM on health and wellbeing. 
€100 pays for one attendee at an ambassador network training. Trained local health service professionals and activists amplify the community education and empowerment message against the practice of FGM in communities.
€500 provides a community education workshop, providing factual information, skillsets and tools with which to communicate the health and wellbeing implications of FGM on individual girls, families and communities overall in an effort to encourage abandonment at community level.

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Text ENDFGM to 50300

For people in Ireland, you can support our work by texting ENDFGM to 50300 to donate €4. Text costs €4, Ifrah Foundation will receive a minimum of €3.60. 

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Helpline 01 4819311

Donations over €250 from Irish Residents qualify for the Charitable Donations Scheme, for which Ifrah Foundation is eligible. This means we can receive a further 45% on top of your donation so €112 on €250. To find out more, please see Ifrah Foundation will be in touch once we receive your donation with the relevant paperwork.

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